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Take Green Tea To Lose Weight Naturally

Obesity is fast emerging as one of the foremost health hazards in all across the world for the last few years. Well, according to the report given by various research firms almost sixty to seventy percent population across the globe is currently suffering from obesity or overweight issues. And the worst thing is that this trend is increasing with the passing time, which has become the primary reason for concern for all doctors.  Health experts have also stated that [...]


10 Things You Will Never Know About Yoga Benefits At Workplace

Over the last few years there has been global popularity of practicing Yoga, which happens to be the part of our ancient Vedic Indian culture from old times. India is one of the most ancient countries whose civilization is older than even Indus Valley. In those old ages our Saints (Rishi Munis) have gained massive supernatural power by raising the power of Kundalini all by advance application of Yoga. And with those powers they were capable of performing miracles [...]