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Multiple Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

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Green tea comes with multiple health benefits and is regarded as one of the most popular herbal beverages consumed mostly in Asian countries. Green tea is mainly grown in China and Japan later, though some Chinese leaf extract are transmitted to Darjeeling and now in India, Darjeeling is the hub of high quality green tea

Benefits Of Green Tea For Sports Persons To Improve Their Performance

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Over the last few years there has been the rising demand and popularity of taking green tea for its multiple health benefits. It is something that has really taken over the world of tea markets, well if we look into the origin of green tea, then as per the available statistics it originated from China

How The Green Tea is Different from Other Teas

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Over the last few years the Green tea is consumed almost exclusively in Asian countries as for decades this tea has been using by Chinese herbalists in order to treat multiple diseases all in a natural way. In both china and Japan most people drink green tea and from China it is spread to India

Weight Loss Benefits Of Green Tea As A Solution To Obesity

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Obesity has come forward as one of the premier health issues all across the globe over the last few years. As per the report given by various research firms that state, almost sixty to seventy percent out of the global population are currently suffering from obesity issues as the figure; it tends to increase with

My Unforgettable Experience With Green Tea

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Over the last few years I developed a great fascination with drinking tea, especially the green tea as it tastes too awesome as well as comes with multiple health benefits.  So being teaholic people I always keep trying teas from various brands just to test which are the best one among them, well you can