Green Tea As A Cure For Cancer

Green Tea As A Cure For Cancer

We all are aware of the fact that cancer is one of the most deadly and complex disease which is responsible for the death of millions of people each year from across the globe. Well, therefore for long decades, scientists are putting their effort to discover some secrets of cancer for finding a cure. While so far the car has been out of reach, but the good news is that there are some natural remedies that can help you in preventing cancer. And one of these remedies is none other than Green tea that comes with all natural herbs and consists medicinal value, which is why it is known for having multiple health benefits.

Well, green tea is perfectly unique compare to other tea types as it is produced from the unfermented leaves and it contains a high concentration of playfulness which are kind of chemicals that can work as antioxidants. Well, as per the researchers the antioxidants are always on a search and destroy mission against the free radicals, compounds that used to compromise DNA and destroy cells. Now these free radicals are often to blame for the development of cancer as well as heart disease. The antioxidants immobilize free radicals and inhibit the damage often associate with them. Now coming to its multiple health benefits Green tea is regarded as the best Ayurvedic solution for many health problems like it helps improving digestion, concentrations, and promotes normal excretion of urine.

Significance Of Green Tea In Preventing Cancer

The University of Columbia researchers concluded that the effect of green tea on cancer risk is uncertain, though several animal studies have shown a very positive effect. Well, to prove the cancer preventive features of green tea a survey was conducted in China to see whether green tea consuming people are in less cancer risk zone or not. And the result of the study was absolutely as expected; the green tea consumer shows much less risk of developing colorectal and pancreatic cancers.

Well, as far as pancreatic cancer is concerned, another study showed that the green tea consumers have comparatively less risk for both the cancers as women who drank green tea daily in large quantity shows 50 percent at lower risk of developing pancreatic cancers.

Now coming to other type of cancers, a study of bladder cancer patients found that those who consumed green tea had a much better five year survival rate compared to other patients who don’t consume green tea. Another proven fact is that cancer rates are much comparatively lower in countries where the consumption of green tea is at its peak. Another research was done on around 500 women who are suffering from breast cancer found that those who consume green tea did not see any further spread of the disease and starts better responding to medicines and treatments.


So all these studies have so far proved this point that Green tea is indeed an herbal cure for preventing cancers. Though more research is required in this regard for further clarifications regarding the issue

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