Multiple Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

Multiple Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

Green tea comes with multiple health benefits and is regarded as one of the most popular herbal beverages consumed mostly in Asian countries. Green tea is mainly grown in China and Japan later, though some Chinese leaf extract are transmitted to Darjeeling and now in India, Darjeeling is the hub of high quality green tea cultivation. However, over last few years green tea gains massive popularity in all across the globe. Well about 1800 scientific studies have found that the active constituents in green tea are powerful antioxidants which are popularly known as catechin and flavonols. Thus a cup of green tea has more antioxidant power of vitamin C and E compare to any other tea and even vegetables like carrot, spinach etc.  In this regard, some of the most popular health benefits are reduced cholesterol, boost metabolism, lose weight, prevent certain forms of cancers, boost energy levels to name a few. So let’s elaborate all these benefits that green tea comes with.


Multiple Health Benefits You Get From Green Tea

  • Improves Brain Function & Make You Smarter – Green tea comes with all the natural elements that simply recharge your brain to make you smarter by improving brain functionality. Well, in this regard the key active elements are caffeine, which is a leading stimulant and studies have shown that caffeine leads to improvement in various functions of the brain that includes improve mood, memory, vigilance, etc.
  • Boost Metabolism – Well, another most popular health benefits that green tea comes with is none other than boosting metabolism. It helps in improving metabolism by removing all the toxic elements from your body and makes you feel energetic.
  • Helps In Losing Weight – Obesity is the fastest emerging health hazards in across the world as today, even children are facing this problem of overweight along with adults and the main reason for this is less physical activity. But research has found that consuming green tea can help you in reducing obesity to a great extent and that also all natural.
  • Improves Detoxification Of Your Body – Green tea is known as a natural diuretic that helps in eradicating all the toxic elements from your body all in a natural way. These removals of toxins always keep you fresh and healthy from within and supercharge your energy levels from all aspects of an effective detoxification of your body.
  • Prevent Growth Of Cancers – Another most popular benefit of taking green tea is that it helps in preventing the growth of cancers. Green tea is very useful in preventing the growth of certain forms of cancer like pancreatic cancers, which is mainly common among women and colorectal cancers. Now coming to other type of cancers, a study found that those who consumed green tea had a much better five year survival rate compared to other patients who don’t consume green tea.



Well, from the above discussion, it is amply clear that green tea does have multiple health benefits as it comes with various natural ingredients. Starting from boosting your metabolism, losing weight, it also improves your brain’s functionality. So start consuming green tea daily and stay healthy and steady.

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