My Unforgettable Experience With Green Tea

My Unforgettable Experience With Green Tea

Over the last few years I developed a great fascination with drinking tea, especially the green tea as it tastes too awesome as well as comes with multiple health benefits.  So being teaholic people I always keep trying teas from various brands just to test which are the best one among them, well you can think I am a little bit crazy in this regard but the fact is I have a special fascination on Green tea. So before going into details regarding this green tea, let us brief something about it in the initial level.

Green tea is a kind of tea, which is prepared from the unfermented extract from the Camelia sinensis plant and it is mainly produced in China and Japan but now it’s being grown at India’s Darjeeling as well. But the most of the Darjeeling variety are deriving from its Chinese counterpart and so its taste too good compared to teas from other region.  The tea leaves are harvested and after collecting then they are heated either by pan firing or streaming and then it is dried in order to avoid excessive oxidation which will turn the leaves brown in color and thus its flavors might vary. Now tea companies have become quite smarter as they used to add various flavors to green tea to make it more appealing to their target audiences from the marketing and business angle.

But the fact is that the most of the green teas if brewed properly are light in color and gently astringent. So initially when anyone tastes green tea for the very first time they might be quite reluctant to it mainly for its different taste compare to normal sweet ginger or black tea. Well, in this regard, there is one very interesting fact is that a plain green tea is usually absolutely tasteless and is best effective when it is consumed without sugar and especially as Indian we used to love the sweetness. Nowadays various varieties of green tea are available in the market, like ginger-green tea, lemon green tea by adding different flavors mainly for people who cannot consume green tea.

Well, let us now come to the various health benefits for which green tea has gained so much popularity in all across the globe. Its miraculous natural ingredients come with various health benefits like it helps you to lose weight and get rid of obesity all in a natural way. It lets you lose weight by burning all the fat cells by boosting metabolism rates by clearing all the toxic elements from your body. It is for this reason, doctors too used to suggest patients to drink green tea on a regular basis as it is also very useful in preventing certain kinds of cancer which very few people knows it. Further, it helps in supercharging your body’s energy level and lets you keep fresh and healthy all in a natural way. So start drinking green tea and always keep yourself healthy and happy.

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