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About Us

We Sell Green Teas.Organic Honey.Super Seeds.Wellness Products.

Who are we?                                                                                                                                  

We are the seller of packaged 100% pure organic produce. We offer our customers a wide range of organically produced high-quality products at their door-step. Our complete procurement chain from farm procurement to production, packaging and delivery means that our patrons get farm-fresh and best quality product at a reasonable price.

Our goal

We aim to become one of the largest sellers of packaged organic produce in India in the next 5 years.

What is our process of finding the best product for you?

First Bud Organics has a four-step process for finding you the best quality product every time. These are:

  • Procurement: Our well-equipped R&D team searches, shortlist, reviews and finalizes the farm producers who do not use chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers. We conduct an extensive on-land survey. This is followed by extensive lab test after which only the best products are selected for procurement.
  • Production: Our production department ensures that the products are packed in a hygienic and strictly controlled environment that adheres to be the best-in-the-class industry standards. Every product is carefully packed to ensure that is it hermetically sealed, does not absorb moisture and reaches the customer with the freshness of the farm.
  • Quality Checks: There are extensive quality checks at every level of our selection, procurement and production process. These are done by experts with years of extensive experience. Their mandate is to ensure that there are no compromises on the well laid out and a defined process to ensure the best possible quality of our products and their timely and safe dispatch to the customers.

Sales & Marketing: We outshine our competition not by giving away cheap products but by focusing on the quality of our products. We follow the principles of small batch production, hand assorted leaves, no added flavours and selling our products at a competitive price. We achieve this by making our buyers not one-time-customers but returning-patrons that become part of the First Bud Organics family.


How we became the first choice of thousands of customers?

Trust, Purity and Excellence

Within a few years of operations, First Buds Organics has become a prominent name across India in the field of Organic products. Our mantra for success is as simple as it is profound: Trust, Purity and Excellence. This is what has guided us in our journey and which illuminates our path ahead.

Trust – of our customers, suppliers and co-workers. When we do our work honestly and when we strive to take the long and arduous road to achievement we get the trust of others. We do not make tall claims, we only make promises we can keep and we are transparent in our dealings. This begets us the trust of all.

Purity – of thought, actions and of course our products. Organic farming and organic produce is a niche segment of agriculture and economy that is set to explode in a big way. As we move away from chemicals, pesticides that poison our lands and bodies we approach organic way of producing things that we consume. Every First Bud product is carefully selected and packed for purity.

Excellence – in everything we do. Bet it visiting and selecting the farm produce, to packing and to marketing and dispatch. We strive for excellence in our every activity as our customers deserve nothing else.