About Us

We SellGreen Teas.Organic Honey.Super Seeds.Wellness Products.

First Bud Organics fosters profound expertise in producing finest tea, for which it follows four step stratagem – R&D process (researching final product as per customer’s expectations), Quality Checks (standardized and legit practices), Production (receiving raw material to shipping final product) and Sales (online and offline presence strategies). “Our products undergo quality controls at various stages. We also make sure conditions are hygienic and moisture is not absorbed.

First Bud Organics outclasses market competition with its unique veneer of quality, small batch production, reusability and hand assorted leaves with no added flavors offered at a competitive price model. Taking forward this exclusivity is the brand’s heterogeneous catalogue that offers flavorous, premium tea experience with novel health benefits. While Darjeeling Oolong offers semi-oxidized teas with fat reduction properties, Tulsi Green Tea boosts immunity and SlimBud Green Tea is recommended for weight loss for its unique blend of garcinia cambogia, ginger, lemongrass coleus and cinnamon. For those hunting for instant refreshment and palatable detox drinks, RefreshBud Green Tea(blended with peppermint) and Detox Tea (blended with Turmeric, Senna Leaves, Fennel, Lemon Peels) is an essential add-on to your tea wardrobe.