Jams and Pickles

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    First Bud Organics Home Made Mango Pickle – 350 g | Rajasthani Mango Pickle

    • Secret recipe – The organically produced pickle ingredients are mixed with secret and years old recipe.
    • Finger-licking taste: The yum and tingling flavor of the pickle stimulates and pleases your taste buds.
    • Meal enrichment: A wonderful way to make every meal richer and tastier. Your children and parents will both love their meals.
    • Best spices: Carefully selected and best-quality spices are used in the pickle to make them last longer and keep you healthy.
    • Hygienically packed: Every jar is packed carefully in hygienic conditions and hermetically sealed to keep the pickle fresh and retain its flavor and aroma.
    • No preservatives: We use no chemicals or preservatives.
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