First Bud Organics Pahadi Honey -500 gm – Raw & Unpasteurized


First Bud Organics Pahadi Honey -500 gm – Raw & Unpasteurized

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  • Pahadi Honey is truly free of pesticides , antibiotics or other chemicals and apiary is from the high altitude regions.It is nutritious and contains essential minerals, vitamins, pollen.
  • Organic Multi flower honey |No preservatives added | Packed in small batches in glass bottles Unpasteurized honey
  • The beehives include wall hives, log hives and scientifically designed wooden bee boxes that are kept in the high mountain villages
  • Honey comes from the Apis Cerena Indica honeybee, indigenous to the high Himalayas of the Uttarakhand state of India
  • It provides quick energy
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Pahadi honey is organic and packed in small batches. It have rich flavor and aroma It comes in glass bottle.The bottle is hand sealed and perfect for gifts on special occasions.Pure honey provides quick energy.Its antioxidants and anti bacterial property helps boosting immune system.You can start your day with a spoon of honey into a cup of warm water.


Safety Warning

Do not use honey in infants and young children under 12 months of age


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