Return & Refund Policy

  1. For purchases made other than via , please consult with the retailer where you purchased the product for their return & refund policy.
  2. Once you receive the products you shall not be entitled to any refund. However, First Bud will only refund or replace the products if they are found to be faulty or damaged and purchased from our website.
  3. The return and refund are not applicable if the product doesn’t suit your skin type.
  4. You shall be entitled to refund only if you pre-pay for your order at the time of placing your order via our website and only in the event of the following circumstances:
  5. Products must be unopened and in the original condition.
  6. We should be communicated via e-mail at care@firstbud.inor call/Whatsapp at +91-6396593021 within 7 days from original receipt of goods.
  7. Your proof of purchase/order information must also be included in the return.
  8. We cancelling your order due to:
  9. Your delivery location following outside our designated delivery zones.
  10. Failure to contact you by phone or e-mail at the time of confirming the order booking

You cancel the order at the time of confirmation due to unavailability of the items you ordered at the time of booking. You shall be entitled to exchange your order only under the following circumstances:

  1. The purchase has been made via in.
  2. We deliver the wrong products.
  3. Items missing from your order at the time of delivery.
  4. Orders where the packaging has been tampered or damaged.
  5. All refund amounts shall be credited to you via Paytm payments within 3-4 business days.
  6. When you make a payment via Paytm, your refund will be credited to your Paytm account