How to Brew Leaf Tea

Over the last few years there has been great demand of various tea bags but in a recent research by experts it has been proved that consuming direct leaf tea is much beneficial than tea bags. But the fact is that people who already developed a habit of using tea bags it will be a daunting task for them to switch it back to tea leaves even knowing its benefits. So here many people have this common question in mind who wants to switch to leaf tea from tea bags is that how to brew a leaf tea. Well, with a basis understanding of how to brew whole-leaf of loose leaf tea and an easy infusion method, this switchover is easy.

Pre-portioned, Easy-to-infuse Teas

So, if you are looking to brew your tea as easy just by adding warm water then you can still enjoy the whole leaf tea. In this regard several companies are offering their full-leaf teas packaged into pyramid bags and tea pouches. Well, this allows for complete infusions that any traditional bags cannot do. similarly, few companies are launching lines of upscale teabags with a higher grades of tea leaves compare to traditional teabags.

In-cup Tea Infusers In-cup Infusers area great for all new tea drinkers and for less than convenient brewing situations. There are several kinds of in-cups infusers on the market, but the basic principle is the same across all sectors.

  • First take a cup
  • Then drop in an infuser and some tea
  • After that add a hot water
  • And in the next stage steep it
  • Then carefully remove the infuser
  • So last nor the least now keep enjoying having the tea

There are different sizes of in-cup infusers available, so make sure the size you
select fits your favorite mug and has enough space to allow your tea leaves room
to infuse. The best infusers come from one or more of the following materials.
a) Finely woven non-reactive metal (such as a gold-plated metal wire)
b) Micro-perforated non-reactive metal (such as food grade stainless steel)
c) Non-leaching/BPA-free food grade plastic
d) Closely interwind wood that doesn’t impact the tea’s flavor (such as traditional bamboo strainers)

Travel Infusers/Tea Thermoses

In this regard if you are brewing full-leaf tea from teabags, here you need to check out the mighty leaf tea top brew mug. Here, there are several options for the loose-leaf tea brewing all at a time. All other infusers normally tends to require that you remove the leaves when you are done brewing.

So if that does not bother you then you can easily be one of the tea brewers who do so much hard work even in case of so much hard works. So there you have it, all the top rules and ways that lets you brew a leaf tea. So medically it is prove that leave tea is much better than tea bags in terms of maintaining good health by taking 100% benefits of drinking tea effectively.